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All parents have skyhigh hopes for their children.We want them to be confident and content.What can parents do to help their kids grow up to lead happy lives?Experts advise:

1.Helping them find their talents.In order to succeed,children need to feel they’re good at something.So expose your children to as many interests as possible,then let them choose those they like best.

2.Applauding their achievements. A study found that students whose parents paid attention to their abilities were far more likely to do well in school—and in life—than students whose parents didn’t show such support.So celebrate your kids’achievements,no matter how small they are.

3.Praising their efforts. Kids won’t always come out on top.Still,they deserve kudos (赞誉) for trying their best.Tenyearold April Cutler,for example,has had trouble with math since second grade.“She usually gets C’s on her report card,but last year she was determined to get A’s and worked hard at it,” says her mom.“When the first grading period ended,April was disappointed when she got a B minus in math,” Lueille continues.“But my husband and I told her we were very proud that she’d improved.That inspired her to try even harder.She got a B plus for the next period!”

4.Letting them make decisions and mistakes.Making his/her own decisions increases a child’s sense of control and builds his/her selfesteem (自尊心).And allowing kids to make wrong decisions—so long as doing so won’t harm them—helps kids learn from their mistakes.

5.Encouraging them to solve their own problems.As they grow,children need practice in communicating,standing up for themselves and compromising.One of the best places to learn these skills is at home.So the next time your child runs to you complaining that her brother is blaming her,step back and let them work it out.

21.What is the purpose of the passage?

A.To encourage parents to admire their kids.

B.To show how to praise kids.

C.To help kids study harder.

D.To give advice on how to help kids become mature.

22.The passage is mainly intended for________.

A.kids B.parents C.teachers D.educators

23.From the example of April Cutler,we can learn that________.

A.praising kids’ efforts can help them make greater progress

B.setting a high goal makes kids feel discouraged

C.solving problems by themselves helps kids feel confident

D.interest is the best teacher

24.Why should parents allow kids to make mistakes?

A.Making mistakes is a normal thing for a kid.

B.Adults also make mistakes now and then.

C.Kids can learn something valuable from their mistakes.

D.Making mistakes won’t harm kids.


Looking back on my childhood,I am convinced that naturalists are born and not made.Although we were all brought up in the same way,my brothers and sisters soon abandoned their pressed flowers and insects.Unlike them,I had no ear for music and languages.I was not an early reader and I could not do mental arithmetic.

Before World War Ⅰ we spent our summer holidays in Hungary.I have only the dim memory of the house we lived in,of my room and my toys.Nor do I recall clearly the large family of grandparents,aunts,uncles and cousins who gathered next door.But I do have a clear memory of the dogs,the farm animals,the local birds,and above all,the insects.

I am a naturalist,not a scientist.I have a strong love of the natural world and my enthusiasm led me into varied investigations.I love discussing my favorite topics and enjoy burning the midnight oil while reading about other people’s observations and discoveries.Then something happens that brings these observations together in my conscious mind.

Suddenly you fancy you see the answer to the riddle,because it all seems to fit together.This has resulted in my publishing 300 papers and books,which some might honor with the title of scientific research.

But curiosity,a keen eye,a good memory and enjoyment of the animal and plant world do not make a scientist:one of the outstanding and essential qualities required is selfdiscipline,a quality I lack.A scientist requires not only selfdiscipline,but hard training,determination and a goal.A scientist,up to a certain point,can be made.A naturalist is born.If you can combine the two,you get the best of both worlds.

25.The first paragraph tells us the author________.

A.was interested in flowers and insects in his childhood

B.lost his hearing when he was a child

C.didn’t like his brothers and sisters

D.was born to a naturalist’s family

26.The author can’t remember his relatives clearly because________.

A.he didn’t live very long with them

B.the family was extremely large

C.he was too young when he lived with them

D.he was fully occupied with observing nature

27.Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage?

A.The author is a naturalist,but not a scientist.

B.The author is a scientist as well as a naturalist.

C.The author is first of all a scientist.

D.The author is neither a naturalist nor a scientist.

28.The author says that he is a naturalist rather than a scientist probably because he thinks he________.

A.has a great deal of trouble doing mental arithmetic

B.lacks some of the qualities required of a scientist

C.just reads about other people’s observations and discoveries

D.comes up with solutions in a most natural way


When you were looking for a reliable,honest auto mechanic,how did you find him?Before you went into that restaurant you recently tried,how did you know that it served great food?If you are like most people on the planet,you want to lower your risk of a big ugly surprise so you asked people you trust to refer to a business they trust.Marketers call this friendtofriend recognition of a business “wordofmouth” advertising.

When you do a great job for your customer or a bad job,people are going to talk about your business.Unfortunately,because we humans seem to feel negative emotions more intensively than positive ones,we’re more likely to tell more of our friends about bad experiences with a business than positive ones.Understand this:Customers believe their own experience.You can’t make them believe that your company is wonderful when they felt they were treated badly.

So,to get positive wordofmouth going for your business in this servicebased economy,you’ve got to do a really outstanding job for everyone,exactly.

And when you do,you build a great reputation.That takes time.But it forms a close link with your customers in a way that no advertising and no promotional coupon (优惠券) ever could.

The good news is that because there are so many different businesses chasing after your customers’money,people want to know whom they can trust.So people are going to be talking about you.Create a free sales force for your business—an army of delighted customers who tell everyone that they know how good your company is to do business with.That’s a great antidote (解毒剂) to defectionitis.

29.What is the main topic of this passage?

A.A good name will bring you money.

B.A person should rely on his friends for business.

C.Advertising can make customers believe it’s wonderful.

D.A company can rely on its associates to survive.

30.According to the passage,whether we go to a place or not depends on________.

A.business fame B.media assistance

C.particular recognition D.associates’recommendation

31.When you do an outstanding job in service,you will surely________.

A.make more money than you expect

B.have a mutual understanding with your customers

C.build a great reputation immediately

D.earn your fame as well as advertise for your company


Starting the day on an egg could keep your blood pressure (血压) under control,research suggests.Scientists have shown that eggs produce proteins with a function similar to that of powerful blood pressurelowering drugs.

The researchers,from the University of Alberta in Canada,showed that when eggs come in contact with stomach enzymes (酶) they produce a protein that acts in the same way as ACE inhibitors,drugs taken by millions around the world to lower blood pressure.Fried eggs proved particularly effective,but more work is needed to show the effects outside a lab and in the human body.

Earlier this month,British researchers declared that,contrary to popular beliefs,it is healthy to go to work on an egg.They concluded that the type of cholesterol (胆固醇) found in eggs has little effect on increasing heart disease risks.

Researcher Professor Bruce Griffin,from the University of Surrey,said,“The wrong beliefs linking egg eating to high blood cholesterol and heart disease must be corrected.The amount of fat in our diet has an effect on blood cholesterol that is several times greater than the relatively small amount of cholesterol found in eggs.The UK public do not need to limit the number of eggs they eat.They can be encouraged to include them in a healthy diet as they are one of nature’s most nutritious foods.”

The British Heart Foundation dropped its threeeggaweek limit in 2005.However,almost half of Britons believe the limit still applies.

32.From the text we know that ACE inhibitors are________.

A.a kind of medicine B.a kind of protein

C.a kind of illness D.a kind of food

33.According to what Professor Bruce said,eggs________.

A.are the most nutritious food

B.have no effect on blood cholesterol

C.can be included in a healthy diet

D.are forbidden to be eaten in the UK

34.We can infer from the text that________.

A.drugs to lower blood pressure will be replaced by eating eggs

B.stomach enzymes mixed with eggs can cure heart diseases

C.most Britons agree the threeeggaweek limit should be dropped

D.about 50% of Britons think eating an egg a day is bad for their health

35.The text is meant________.

A.to introduce scientific findings about eggs

B.to introduce a medicine made from eggs

C.to tell people how to lower their blood pressure

D.to advise people to eat as many eggs as possible



A good relationship between students and teachers makes the classroom a very inviting place. When you consider your teachers as friends, it's easier to pay attention to their explanations and improve your grades. 36 When your teachers consider you as a friend, they'll feel freer in class. Now there are some tips to develop friendly relationship with your teachers.

__37__If you have any questions, ask them. Teachers like to teach and ask questions is the first way of interacting with them. Show them that you are interested in their subjects.That will make them notice you.__38__ If your teachers realize you are not asking real questions, they might think you are not actually trying to learn, but only trying to make an impression.

No need for compliments(恭维).__39__ Your teacher will probably think you’re being false and only trying to get to some advantage ,and that’s not what you want.instead, you could make some innocent jokes.(jokes that won’t offend your teacher).The moment you start making some of the same jokes, you’ll know that your relationship is becoming friendly.

__40__ When you see one of your teachers in the hall, greet him or her and ask if he or she is going to that concert or if he’s seen that movie. That’s why you’ll show that you consider him a friend,and that’s why you talk about common subjects.

The rest is totally up to you;It's very easy to develop a friendly relationship with any of your teachers.If you want to be friends with your teachers,just treat them as friends,but don’t forget that no matter how good your relationships are, they will still be your teachers and deserve your respect.

A. Ask questions.

B. Talk about non-school subjects.

C. Don’t say things like “You look lovely today,Mrs. Brown”.

D. Do something your teacher and you have in common.

E. But never ask questions you already know the answers to.

F. Think about the last thing that you did together and enjoyed.

G. When you consider your teacher a friend, you’ll certainly have more respect for him.

分节 英语知识运用(共两节,满分45分,)

第一节 完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)

You've been away from us for one year; you told us a lie which I came to know not long ago.

On this special day for teachers across the country, I can _41_keep myself from telling your white lie to those who would lend me an ear.

Do you still remember the happy _42_about six years ago? We fixed our eyes upon you at your _43_.You, a beautiful young lady, _44_ us that you would live in our village.

Soon after, we began to find you were part of your students and their simple honest parents. The villagers found their children _45_more time on their books _46_ after doing their homework and housework. Yet they still _47_ that one day you might leave. You _48_a smile all the time, which reduced to some degree their_49_ of your leaving. You went all out in the _50_ of your students, helping them not only in their studies but also in their tuition(学费).You often emphasized to us the _51_ of one's life, so that must have been what you were _52_ in those five years!

One cold morning when class began, you entered the room _53_ you had been crying _54_.In your class, we _55_ but looked away from your eyes. You _56_for some time as if you were _57_to find this right word…you said you would go away and would never be back to teach because your boyfriend wanted you more…

On the following morning, we _58_ you the very best and the villagers gave you their _59_The train took you away and your broken _60_The other day I happened to hear my parents chatting that you had lung cancer and left the world soon after you waved goodbye.

41. A. forever B. seldom C. hardly D. soon

42. A. scene B. condition C. sign D. sight

43. A. report B. arrival C. explanation D. speech

44. A. promised B. answered C. permitted D. agreed

45. A. shared B. spent C. paid D. devoted

46. A. even B. ever C. soon D. still

47. A. considered B. feared C. supposed D. doubted

48. A. wore B. pretended C. gained D. presented

49. A. pule B. trouble C. question D. fear

50. A. teaching B. middle C. course D. field

51. A. way B. wealth C. value D. cost

52. A. after B. for C. with D. against

53. A. as if B. because C. even though D. before

54. A. happily B. bitterly C. anxiously D. angrily

55. A .listened B .talked C. discussed D. studied

56. A. explained B. stopped C. talked D .spoke

57. A. thinking B. worrying C. crying D. trying

58. A. hoped B expected C. wished D. brought

59. A. thanks B. satisfactions C. expressions D. rewards

60. A. boy B. class C. heart D. memory

第三部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分45分)



One morning , I was waiting at the bus stop , worried about 61 (be ) late for school ..There were many people waiting at the bus stop , 62 some of them looked very anxious and 63 (disappoint) .When the bus finally came , we all hurried on board .I got a place next 64 the window , so I had a good view of the sidewalk .A boy on a bike 65 (catch)my attention .he was riding beside the bus and waving his arms . I heard a passenger behind me shouting to the driver , but he refused 66 (stop ) until we reached the next stop .Still , the boy kept 67 (ride) . He was carrying something over his shoulder and shouting .Finally , when we came to the next stop , the boy ran up to the door of the bus . I heard an excited conversation .Then the driver stoop up and asked, “ 68 anyone lose a suitcase at the last stop ?” A woman on the bus shouted , “Oh dear “ It is 69 (I)”.She pushed her way to the driver and to the little boy .Everyone on the bus began talking about what the boy had done .And the passengers _70_(sudden) became friendly to one another .

第四部分 写作(共两节,满分35分)





注意:1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;

2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。

My dream school starts at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 3:30 p.m. They are three lessons in the morning and two in the afternoon .We didn’t need to do so many homework .Therefore , we have more time with after-school activities .For example , we can do reading for one and a half hour and play sports for one hour every day .

My dream school look like a big garden .There are all kinds of the flowers and trees around the classroom buildings .We can lie on the grass for a rest , or sat by the lake listening music .The teachers here are kind and helpfully .They are not only our teachers but also our friends .


假定你是李华,你的外国网友Tom最近从网上了解到有关中国的“留守学生(leftbehind students)”的问题,但不是很明白,为此,他通过电子邮件向你询问。请根据下列要点用英语给Tom回一封120词左右的电子邮件:




Dear Tom,

I am very glad that you asked me the question about the problem with the “leftbehind students” in China.



Best regards.

Li Hua


21.D主旨大意题。根据第一段中的All parents have skyhigh hopes for their children及最后的Experts advise可知,本文主要是关于家长如何帮助孩子成长,让孩子变得成熟的建议。

22.B细节理解题。根据第一段中的What can parents do to help their kids grow up to lead happy lives可知,这篇文章是写给父母的。

23.A细节理解题。根据April Cutler所在的第3条的标题“Praising their efforts”以及本段的内容可以看出,表扬孩子所付出的努力有助于他们取得更大的进步。

24.C细节理解题。根据第4条的最后一句helps kids learn from their mistakes可以得出答案。





28.B推理判断题。根据最后一段中的“But curiosity,a keen eye,a good memory and enjoyment of the animal and plant world do not make a scientist:one of the outstanding and essential qualities required is selfdiscipline,a quality I lack”一句可推断作者认为自己缺乏成为科学家的一种素质:自律。



30.D细节理解题。根据第一段中的“...so you asked people you trust to refer to a business they trust.”可知我们是否去某个地方往往取决于同伴的推荐。


D篇:32.A推理判断题。第二段中的“drugs taken by millions around the world to lower blood pressure是ACE inhibitors的同位语,是对它的解释,由此可判断ACE inhibitors是一种药。”




七选五答案:36-40 GAECB



41. hardly=almost not,这里指作者情难自抑,要告诉人们一个白色的谎言。答案为C。









50.go all out in sth.指在某一个方面全力以赴。显然这里指在教育孩子们方面。答案为A。51.value of one's life意思为“人生的价值”。答案为C。

52.be after意思为“追求”。这句话的意思是:因此那(人生的价值)一定就是你在那五年中所追求的东西。答案为A。






58.习惯用语wish sb. the very best意思为“祝愿某人万事如意”。答案为C。



61.being 62.and 63.disappointed 64.to 65.caught

66.to stop 67.riding 68.Did 69.me/mine 70.suddenly


They →There 72.didn’t→don’t 73.many→much 74.with→for 75.hour→hours

76.look→looks 77.去掉the 78.sat→sit 79.listening 后面加to 80.helpfully→helpful



I am very glad that you asked me the question about the problem with the “leftbehind students” in China.

In fact,it’s a special phenomenon that exists in most rural areas.Many parents leave for big cities far away from their homes to earn money while the children are taken care of by their grandparents.

Owing to lack of parental control,some children neglect their studies,and some behave rudely towards others,and some even do something against the law.Thus,leftbehind students have become one of the top social problems.

As far as I’m concerned,to solve this problem,parents should keep in constant contact with children by phone or email and the government should take measures to show concern for leftbehind students.

Best regards,

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